What is dog obedience training?

Obedience training dogDog obedience training refers to training your dog with basic skills that can enhance their day to day operation. The training ranges from basic to advanced tips depending on the learning ability of the dog and where it is planned to be utilized. It is an enjoyable program since it involves participation in a series of activities. You will ascertain the obedience of your dog by checking on how it responds every time you issue basic commands. An obedient dog responds reliably every moment the command is issued.

Not all dogs can manage to be obedience after undergoing a dog obedience training program. If your dog does not respond to the training instructions after the whole process is done, it might be clear that your dog is not obedient at all. However, you can change its attitude by consistently repeating the basics and showing it more love. An obedience training dog program can always be cumbersome but you must never lose your senses as a trainer since animals are not similar to human beings.

In most cases, the training will always involve two people — the trainer and the handler. However, there are some trainers who can handle both duties effectively on their own. A successful training program depends on the dog, the skills of the trainer and the training mechanisms put in place. This means that the trainer must establish a good relationship with the dog for it to have a positive attitude and learn as quickly as possible.

How to handle dog tricks

For a dog to learn new dog tricks, you must ensure that you work with their nature. For you to understand what your dog wants, you can take time to observe its daily behavior and the unique tricks it displays whenever it is in action. Choosing dog tricks that are natural and common will give you and your dog an easier training time. As a result, they will enhance their tricks effectively and know how and when to utilize them. This is easier than starting a whole new trick that is unknown to your dog. There are many dog tricks but do not stress your dog by setting them to learn all of them.

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Pitbull Dog

Pitbull dog trainingOwning A Pitbull Dog-The Facts And Myths

Origins Of The Pitbull Dog

A tenacious animal surrounded by controversy in the U.S., the pitbull dog breed is loved and enjoyed by their owners, as well as being condemned as vicious creatures by those people who oppose their existence. There are breed-specific laws and regulations in place regarding the ownership, transportation, and insurance of the pitbull dog breed. Certain areas of America do not allow residents to own a dog that even physically resembles a pitbull for instance, Denver, Colorado, and Miami, Florida have such laws.  Pitbull dogs are the result of cross-breeding between bull dogs and terriers. Their original purpose was for farm work involving cattle/hog herding. During the 1700’s, pitbull dogs were used for bull-baiting practices until it became illegal during the mid 1800’s.  In time, pitbull owners began using them in dog fights, which is still currently being done today, usually for entertainment and betting purposes. This, of course, is illegal, however, certain pitbull owners still participate in the so-called sport of dog-fighting, regardless of the possible legal consequences.

Pitbull Dog Breed-Temperament And Physical Appearance

One fact about pitbull dogs that is agreed upon by those that support them, and by those who oppose them, is that they have natural, aggressive tendencies. The dispute usually lies in who and what those aggressive tendencies are directed. Humans are not the target of pitbull aggression, however, other dogs and animals are. With proper training and by socializing pitbull dogs early on in their life, they learn to co-exist with other dogs and animals without behaving aggressively towards them. Pitbull dogs require a firm, but patient trainer, who understands the proper training methods.

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