Top Five Illnesses That Will Likely Afflict Your Dog

When you’re a canine owner, you always want to make sure your puppy is healthy and happy. This means keeping your canine friend free of illnesses.

While most diseases are commonly seen in all dog breeds, you should understand that each dog has its own set of unique health problems.

In order to increase the chances of your pup being illness-free, it’s vitally important that you recognize what the most common ailments are for your dog breed. After all, you don’t want your dog to suffer from any of them needlessly.

Don’t forget you play a big role when it comes to keeping your dog healthy. Just like a newborn baby, a dog can’t tell you when it’s hurting or not feeling well. It is your duty to learn what the warning signs are and how to prevent them, so here’s the list.


Dogs are no different to humans when it comes to cancer. They suffer from both benign and malign cancers in their internal organs , bones and skin. Each cancer has its own growth rate, prognosys and symptoms. The majority of canine cancer can be treated but the must be found early on.

There are all kinds of warning signs to look for to tell if your dog is dealing with tumors or cancer. If your dog is 10yrs or older, there is a 50% increased chance that they will develop some kind of cancer, however, that doesn’t mean that a younger dog is all free of risk.

The symptoms your dog experience will vary depending on the type of cancer:

Lymphoma: lethargy, swollen lymp nodes, general illness, lack of appetite.

Mammary: swelling of lymphs or mammal glands, spayed dogs before the go into heat won’t suffer from this.

Stomach: swollen stomach, lethargy, weight loss, diarrhea, vomiting.

Testicular: lethargy and lumps.

In most cases there is no way to avoid cancer, however, there are ways to decrease the chances: don’t expose your dog to the sun for too long to reduce the risk of skin cancer and minimize the amount of processed foods given to your furry friend.